Hilder Euolopia Lezama

Hilder’s testimony

Hilder Euolopia Lezama

H: We got a call here at home that our mother was in the water lost and we went down to the landing to see if we could rescue. The helicopter making turns and was landing. Me and my sister. We went to the helicopter to ask if we could pass to go help our mom. One of them spoke a little Spanish, not much. So we – my sister and another woman from our house. They said sit down on the stairs of a house. They were pointing their guns at us. In a minute they called me to go to them and one of the hit me in the chest and asked where he could find gasoline for a boat. I told him in Tony’s house. We went there and they broke the lock of the store and took gasoline. There was a boat (75 model) tied up that had come from Patuca. From there three others and me – they were Americans had me drive the boat and we went to where the drugs were. And when we got there there were two military in the boat. Then they put the drugs our boat and we went back to the landing and then they put the drugs in the helicopter and the they left.


A There were two Americans in the boat with the drugs. Nobody else was there.

Q How did you know they were Americans

A They were talking English. They had uniforms.

Q So they made you go get the drugs by force. There were three North American soldiers that forced me.

A The boat was floating near the bank.

Q How many helicopters?

A Only one landed. There were others in the air. I didn’t see Honduran military

Q How much drugs were there?

A They were in sacks.

Q So how many soldiers were there?

A Three took me; 5 altogether. I only saw one helicopter.

Q And when they let you go could you go look for your mother?

A Yes, after we got the drugs after. I took the boat to go back by the passenger boat to search for my mom and dad, and When I went to look I saw two bodies.

Q So what happened to your mother?

A My mom wasn’t there. Only my brother in law and when I looked I saw he was dead. There was another dead man. I grabbed them and lifted them into the boat and got them to the landing. Other people helped me there. Afterward I got other people and help.

Q Did you find your mother.

A Yes when I coming back with my dad I saw my mother on the side so I took her on the boat and we picked up. She’d been shot in the leg. And after I took three others who were floating in the river.

Q Your mother is Hilda and is in the hospital?

A Yes

Q All this all took place after the U.S. people got their drugs?

A Yes

Q And they didn’t help at all in rescuing the people?

A No and they didn’t want to help. No help.

Q Did you ever see any Honduran police?

A No. Not at all. I only saw Americans. They only spoke English. They were wearing those helmets that they have that covered their eyes. And when they took them off, I could see that they were Americans.

Q How did you know that it was drugs?

A The military said so. They spoke enough Spanish.

Q They said droga?

A Yes

Q Where was the boat with the drugs?

A It was like the distance from here to the hospital. [That was about 2 blocks ]

Q Why do you think they shot the people in the boat?

A I don’t know why the boat was separated from the drug boat.

Q Why were they on the river at night?

A That’s habit. They travel during the night because the sun is too hot during the day.

Q Who does Hilda work for?

A It’s a community company that provides transport to go diving.

His brother in law who was killed was a boatman. He helped his father.

His mother was a crew member.

Addendum with Hilder

Q How long after you heard the shots did you get down to the landing?

A 15 or 20 minutes.

Translation by Judy Ancel


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