Rights Action: Urgent Action!


U.S.-D.E.A. Must be Held Accountable

 Please write your Congressional Representative and Senator to insist that the U.S. end its so-called drug war in Central America and that it fully assist in obtaining justice for the victims of the May 11, 2012 massacre in Ahuas, Honduras, during a joint operation by DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents and a special Honduran police unit created by the DEA. 

Below, find a sample letter and a list of key members of the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee, which have oversight of the DEA.  When you write your Congress Member and Senator, please emphasize the DEA Oversight hearing on June 20, 2012, but after the hearing still write asking offices to direct questions to the Department of Justice.

MORE INFORMATION, QUESTIONS:  Annie Bird (annie@rightsaction.org)

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Something YOU Can Do:

COFADEH Statement

COFADEH is an organization based out of Tegucigalpa that has been fighting impunity and the violations of human rights in Honduras for over thirty years. We met with the organization to discuss the incident in Ahuas and applaud the brave efforts of these activists.

The Honduran Human Rights Delegation of May 2012 stands in complete and total solidarity with this organization and their efforts.

For more information about COFADEH, please click here. 

Please contact Honduran officals below and copy your Senator.

US State Department: BENJAMIN GEDAN, Honduras Desk Officer, (202) 647-3482, GedanBN@state.gov

US Embassy in Honduras: Silvia Eiriz, Political Counselor, eirizs@state.gov

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