Neither the delegates nor the organizations involved in the delegation necessarily agree with or endorse any of the following media, but share it as solely informational material about what others have reported surrounding Honduras.

Corruption in Honduras:

BBC: ‘Threatened’ Honduran journalist requests US asylum

FPIF: The Honduran Military Shouldn’t Police

In Sight: Honduras’ Military Crackdown Faces Legal Challenge

Seattle Times: New Honduran Top Cop Once Investigated in Killings

Witness for Peace: U.S. Military Aid Fuels a Human Rights Crisis in Honduras

Honduras Resists: MUCA COMMUNICADO – We Dennounce the Wave of Persecution and Assassination Against the Campesinos of Aguan!

DEA Incidents:

Washington Post: Shooting of drug suspect by DEA agents in Honduras sparks fears of escalating violence

As IT Happens: Monday Edition (part two features DEA shooting discussion) 

The Miami Herald: Honduras shootings spark fears of confrontation

DEA Incident of May 11th:

Tell Somebody with Tom Klammer Podcast Featuring Judy Ancel, Alice Kitchen and Melissa Stiehler

KRCB Public Radio featuring Maria Robinson

Cultural Survival: Campaign Update – Honduras: US Attack on Patuca River Leaves Four Miskitu Dead 

The Fix: Is the US Covering Up a Drug-War Massacre?

FPIF: U.S. Hand in Honduran Massacre

Al Jazeera interview about Ahuas

The Berkeley Blog: The U.S. ‘War on Drugs’ and Honduras’ Miskito people

COHA: Death in Miskitia Land and the Search for Justice

The Guardian: Hondurans protest at DEA role in fatal shootings

Upside Down World: DEA-linked Deaths Show Faults in Central American Drug Plan

In These Times: Drug War Violence Throws Honduras into Disarray

The Huffington Post: US DEA Kills Innocent Civilians in Honduras — US Media Silent

The Washington Post: Rattling gunfire, roaring helicopters: Hunt for trafficker terrorizes Honduran villagers

COHA: “War on Drugs” Comes to Miskito Territory; Claims Innocent Lives

Witness for Peace: Lessons from Iraq in Honduras and the Attack against the Miskitos

The Nation: Honduras: Which Side Is the US On?

This is Hell: Podcast Episode #695 with Dana Frank

The Boston Globe: DEA investigating Honduras drug raid shooting

FOR: Evading Accountability: Washington’s Drug War in Honduras

The Miami Herald: DEA investigating Honduras drug raid shooting

Resistance in Honduras:

The Real News: Honduran Resistance Lives On Three Years After Coup

The War on Drugs:

New York Times: Stop Following a Failed Policy

New York Times: Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War

US Reports:

Honduras Under Cafta: After Six Months, Little To Show

US Department of State: Drug Enforcement Administration Investigation Honduras