About the Delegates

Judith Ancel: is a labor educator at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is also on the Leadership Team of Kansas City Jobs with Justice and is President of the Board of the Cross Border Network, a Kansas City-based non-profit which works in solidarity with workers movements across borders and with workers who cross borders. She visited Honduras in August 2009 with a Global Exchange delegation to look into the effects of the June coup.


Susan Cole (No Photo): Currently in Honduras. Retired academic, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Mary Dean: is an activist originally from Chicago, IL and now living in Honduras. She worked previously as a co-coordinator at Voices for Creative Nonviolence and has participated in numerous other peace/justice projects throughout her adult life. She spent six months in federal prison for nonviolently protesting the U.S. Army School of the Americas. Additionally, Mary has traveled with several delegations to war zones including Central America and Palestine as well as to Iran with the Fellowship of Reconciliation. She led two delegations to Afghanistan this past year and was also active with Witness Against Torture, a campaign to close Guantanamo, Bagram and other other secret prisons as well as to end torture.

Jeanne Graham: Retired labor negotiator and International Vice-President with BCTGM International Union. She currently lives in Farmington, Illinois.







Alice Kitchen, LSCSW, MPA: Volunteer Co-Chair of the Affordable Care Public Education Committee for the Metropolitan Kansas City MO/KS) area. Coordinated (with Sarah Starnes) over 35 presentations on the Affordable Care Act reaching from 10 to 90 individuals in each setting. These ACA education sessions were targeted to seniors, women’s groups, churches, trade groups, small businesses, as well as health professionals. Connected local health care advocacy groups to public library system, television, radio, and news organizations resulting in coverage to readers and viewers in the metro market. Active in the passage of federal level COBRA, HIPPA, and at the state level-Missouri SB 190, HB 595, HB 623 and Kansas SB on health insurance coverage for mid life women.

Greg McCain: is a theater artist who has worked as an actor and a playwright in primarily politically themed productions. He became involved in Anti-U.S. intervention activism in the 1980s when he volunteered with Chicago CISPES from 1986 – 1990. He first went to Honduras in January 2012 on an Alliance for Global Justice/Rights Action delegation that focused on the Aguan Valley and the struggle of the Campesinos to take back the land stolen from them by the oligarchs.  He is from Chicago, but currently lives in Honduras.

Maria Robinson: Investment Adviser from Healdsburg, California. She is an ex-Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras and who received her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College and her MBA from Harvard Business School. She is also a former Board member of Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras and Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas.





Karen Spring: Currently in Honduras. From Toronto, Canada, Karen is currently a Masters student in Public Health Candidate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She is a human rights and mining justice activist that lived in Central America for 3.5 years including 2.5 years in Honduras following the June 2009 military coup where she lived and worked for U.S. and Canadian based human rights organization, Rights Action. She is currently based in Vancouver.


Melissa Stiehler: Economics student from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a civil and worker’s rights activist and a former organizer with the AFL-CIO. She has managed electoral campaigns in Kansas City, Missouri during the 2008 election and in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2010 election.






John Walkey: Currently lives in Boston and works in transportation and environmental advocacy.  He worked in Honduras for four years on natural hazard response and mitigation projects after Hurricane Mitch and previously worked in the Caribbean and Latin America on various environmental and archaeological projects.  John is active in the immigrant advocacy and Latin American solidarity community in Massachusetts, primarily through local community groups such as Centro Presente and Proyecto Hondureño.


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